The SC2 Reporter: Zerg

2011-09-12 22:03:46 by Wronchi

Hello hello

I just wanted to make a post about my upcoming flash animation called "The SC2 Reporter: Zerg" starring Sean "Day[9]" Plott of and myself. It will basically serve as a sequel to 2006's "The StarCraft Reporter". It's crazy to think that I was 16 when I made that. Where did the time go?

I'll be releasing it here on newgrounds and on youtube on September 20th. Does newgrounds have room for an old fashioned tweeny video game parody? Of course it does! XD - they don't make 'em like they used to! I'm trying my best to improve my self taught animations, so I hope that this is better than Eggs and Bacon, which was honestly a rushed short.

Well anyway thanks for reading my silly update, here's a screenshot of the flash (still work to do, gotta get to it!)

-Brian "Wronchi"

The SC2 Reporter: Zerg

New Flash - It's been awhile!

2011-05-21 12:52:42 by Wronchi

Hello Newgrounds!

It's been a long time since I was in the ... "flash scene" (?????). I think I was 16 when I submitted the video game parody "The StarCraft Reporter."

I've definitely been wanting to get back into it. I just finished and released a very very short piece that hopefully amuses people. It was something that got improvised and then made into animation for fun. :)

I want to start submitting things again, I forgot how fun it was to do. So I've decided to launch a youtube channel (that isn't much yet) and see what's up in this flash scene.

View my new, goofy flash, "Eggs and Bacon" on Newgrounds here or on Youtube here.

More to come!

-Brian Calland "Wronchi"

New Flash - It's been awhile!

It's been awhile newgrounds, almost 3 years since I've submitted anything. I just started browsing around this website again, looking at the animations that have been submitted, and realized that flash was something I really liked to do back in the day.

... I have to do something now! I should get back into it.

Maybe sometime sooner or later I'll create something to put on newgrounds, just because I forgot how fun it was to animate, voice act, all that kind of stuff.

So, uh, just wanted to check in, seeing how things are and stuff. Until later! (hopefully I'll come back with a .swf to submit :D)


1. Exist

List will be updated as soon as possible.

Random Update

2008-02-06 16:45:53 by Wronchi

It's the time to type things that my brain tells my fingers to do.

As far as TSAH3 so far, I've been writing and drawing a few things here and there, ideas are flying around the group, and I'm having fun talking with everyone. I thought I'd go ahead and post my model here as well. I'm thinking that my TSAH3 piece will "serve" as my Biography: Master Chief part 2, so I don't think I'll end up making that now. I love Halo and I love Flash, but I don't think another Biography is necessary.

I'm still going to make something called The Cheesy Knight. It's about a cheese collecting knight. Yeah. I'm also thinking of making a short using a totally different style, implementing more fbf and paintbrush stuff. Not sure how it will turn out, but I want to try it, experiment, and broaden myself and stuff.

I saw the notice about the aol mail problem... and I had to... fix.. it.. cuz I FOR MAIL ONLY, gosh... ...does that make me seem less stupidider?

Aaaaaaaand Falco is in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Rejoice!

-Brian Calland "Wronchi"

Random Update


2008-01-02 10:40:27 by Wronchi

First of all, happy new year to everyone! I got some college football viewing done on new years day, rooting for the Big Ten against the SEC, and now I'm ready for Ohio State to play LSU in the national championship on the 7th... For anyone who actually cares.... cuz I do!

Anyway, at the end of 2007 I got word that I was going to be TSAH3, and I'm really excited. I'd like to take this chance to thank Dim of the Super Flash Bros and Ross O'Donovan for giving me the opportunity to be a part of not only making this flash, but also the chance to meet new people and making some new friends along the way. I'm looking forward to delving into this project! I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of the team, as I've talked with Dim and Mike Hutton some already. I've even got some "research", as in Team Slayer on Xbox live, done with Mike. ;D

In light of this, I'd like to throw out a random act of kindness, which could never hurt. I'd like to thank Tom Fulp and everyone else involving the creation, growth, and management of Newgrounds. Without you, Newgrounds wouldn't exist and the medium of flash would not have affected my career path, my career aspirations rather, in the way it would have if there wasn't a Just felt like I should say that because I haven't and can't say thanks enough.

So, yeah, this is a giant lovefest of a post, but hey, people deserve to know they're appreciated.

- Brian Calland "Wronchi"

Currently a lot of my movies are taking forever because I keep wanting to step it up and make everything look a lot better, especially my animation. I want it to look less tweeny and make more realistic movements. I'm challenging myself to do that.

The Cheesy Knight is the movie that's had this problem the most. I've wanted to make it ever since I started flash, and what I thought looked good back then is not up to the standards now. I'm working hard because after this summer it is off to college and I want my two main projects to be finished before that. Biography: Master Chief Part 2 is kind of my "2nd" flash, so to speak.

Yeah, just getting that stuff of my mind, and I'm off!


Biography: Master Chief Part 2

2007-10-01 17:53:23 by Wronchi

Now that Halo 3 is out, I am really liking the idea of "finishing" the comedic biography of the Master Chief with part two of Biography: Master Chief. So much, that I'm doing it.

That is all.


Flashinating is a rare thing

2007-07-22 18:27:38 by Wronchi

Yeah, so it will be a long time before I ever finish something, I just need to get motivated in some way. The Cheesy Knight is still in the works, and I'm hoping the amount of work I am putitng into my upcoming movies can pay off

Until awhile,