2008-01-02 10:40:27 by Wronchi

First of all, happy new year to everyone! I got some college football viewing done on new years day, rooting for the Big Ten against the SEC, and now I'm ready for Ohio State to play LSU in the national championship on the 7th... For anyone who actually cares.... cuz I do!

Anyway, at the end of 2007 I got word that I was going to be TSAH3, and I'm really excited. I'd like to take this chance to thank Dim of the Super Flash Bros and Ross O'Donovan for giving me the opportunity to be a part of not only making this flash, but also the chance to meet new people and making some new friends along the way. I'm looking forward to delving into this project! I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of the team, as I've talked with Dim and Mike Hutton some already. I've even got some "research", as in Team Slayer on Xbox live, done with Mike. ;D

In light of this, I'd like to throw out a random act of kindness, which could never hurt. I'd like to thank Tom Fulp and everyone else involving the creation, growth, and management of Newgrounds. Without you, Newgrounds wouldn't exist and the medium of flash would not have affected my career path, my career aspirations rather, in the way it would have if there wasn't a Newgrounds.com. Just felt like I should say that because I haven't and can't say thanks enough.

So, yeah, this is a giant lovefest of a post, but hey, people deserve to know they're appreciated.

- Brian Calland "Wronchi"


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2008-01-02 11:11:51

I made the final call that put you in TSAH3. Figured you'd appreciate it the most.

Don't let me down kiddo. :)

Wronchi responds:

Thanks, it means a lot. Don't worry, I'm up to the challenge and I'm giving this all I've got.


2008-01-02 11:57:43

Hopefully you'll allow genuine humor to take the controls and leave childish nonsense like cameo characters from other video games, extolling inanimate objects to elicit a snicker (ie, muffins, mice, lemons, sporks, spoon, etc), and potty humor behind.
If you guys must indeed take attention away from the many unnoticed incredibly original works of Newgrounds, I expect you to do a bloody good job of it.

And good luck and congrats.
Let me know if you'd appreciate any help along the way. Always willing to lend a hand.



2008-01-02 11:58:43

Oh, and the above post sounded somewhat bitter. Believe me, twas lighthearted.
(Just had to verify that considering how absurdly serious everyone takes everything anyone says online these days.)


2008-01-02 18:03:33

Well yeah squeakytoad, the internet is serious business man....god!


2008-01-03 05:29:42

Don't listen to squeakytoad! Put as many video game character cameos as you can into your Flash!

<3 -Dim


2008-01-03 06:56:57

Curse you, Dim! Don't you try to undermine my advice!


2008-01-03 14:58:50

IS you let me down i shall tk you every time on team slayer if i evr see you (or just kill you)


2008-01-09 01:17:49

Good Luck Wronchi =P u rock man, im waiting patiently for cheesy knight too, i wanted a part bad but o well not my day i guess hahahaha anyways good luck in that flash man give it all u got XD

A note for sqeaky: i understand ur coments but in my experience sometimes giving advice to others finish in being taken as insults =/ ur halloween animation was funny and good btw

Wronchi responds:

Hey, it's cool to hear from someone waiting for The Cheesy Knight. It's still a slow but sure project!


2008-01-14 19:29:03

i think tsah3 would not be good without you or at keast perfect as halo3 make something funny it is your expesialaty


2008-02-04 19:03:22

nice dude, i really like your Biography: MasterChief animation, so i can't wait to see how this goes :-D


2008-02-05 03:26:57

ggoooooo wronchi


2008-02-06 00:55:19