Oh Hai Newgrounds, It's Been Awhile

2009-05-15 17:26:10 by Wronchi

It's been awhile newgrounds, almost 3 years since I've submitted anything. I just started browsing around this website again, looking at the animations that have been submitted, and realized that flash was something I really liked to do back in the day.

... I have to do something now! I should get back into it.

Maybe sometime sooner or later I'll create something to put on newgrounds, just because I forgot how fun it was to animate, voice act, all that kind of stuff.

So, uh, just wanted to check in, seeing how things are and stuff. Until later! (hopefully I'll come back with a .swf to submit :D)



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2009-09-26 23:04:46

Sounds great, never really payed attention to who made the videos. But just recently i saw the bib of maser chief on newgrounds.lol. last time i saw that it was on flashplayer. Well anyway, now that i know that you animated it i say hell ya wronchi, post something kickass and amazing.


2009-12-08 20:44:44



2009-12-12 19:48:31

nice, domore halo stuffs its not my favorite but your FUCKING EXPERT at it!


2010-01-29 20:20:40

Lol. We go to school together now.


2010-07-01 19:25:50

it's been a while (ps you stink no afence sorry i'm a little mad didn't meanit dude


2010-07-01 19:27:42

screw dirtbag