Random Update

2008-02-06 16:45:53 by Wronchi

It's the time to type things that my brain tells my fingers to do.

As far as TSAH3 so far, I've been writing and drawing a few things here and there, ideas are flying around the group, and I'm having fun talking with everyone. I thought I'd go ahead and post my model here as well. I'm thinking that my TSAH3 piece will "serve" as my Biography: Master Chief part 2, so I don't think I'll end up making that now. I love Halo and I love Flash, but I don't think another Biography is necessary.

I'm still going to make something called The Cheesy Knight. It's about a cheese collecting knight. Yeah. I'm also thinking of making a short using a totally different style, implementing more fbf and paintbrush stuff. Not sure how it will turn out, but I want to try it, experiment, and broaden myself and stuff.

I saw the notice about the aol mail problem... and I had to... fix.. it.. cuz I have...aol....... FOR MAIL ONLY, gosh... ...does that make me seem less stupidider?

Aaaaaaaand Falco is in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Rejoice!

-Brian Calland "Wronchi"

Random Update


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2008-02-06 18:19:36

while u fix it create a an alt email at xiayuzden.com. iz free.


2008-02-07 10:15:10

ur drawing is awesome and i would like a lot that there was a second biografy but u say its usless 2 hav a sequel so there wont be a sequel..................


2008-02-07 12:33:12

Hey do ya know what lvl ur parodizing allready? like i erm made the math and i think if u and the other guys are doing a lvl each there will be some lvls behind (lol i dont loose hope in getting a spot myself -.- im even working on a script of the first lvl and a model as im typing this... im so hopeless lol)

How long uve being working on the cheesy knight allready?? i lost count o.o

dude even wolf is in brawl lol

Wronchi responds:

Yeah, I know which one I'm doing ;) I think we picked the best 5 levels we could have out of the 9. And yes, I've been "technically" working on The Cheesy Knight forever.

And Falco was my main in Melee, so I was really happy he was in.


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2008-03-31 19:51:32

seems sexy, what mission from H3 are you gonna do?