Entry #9

The SC2 Reporter: Zerg

2011-09-12 22:03:46 by Wronchi

Hello hello

I just wanted to make a post about my upcoming flash animation called "The SC2 Reporter: Zerg" starring Sean "Day[9]" Plott of day9.tv and myself. It will basically serve as a sequel to 2006's "The StarCraft Reporter". It's crazy to think that I was 16 when I made that. Where did the time go?

I'll be releasing it here on newgrounds and on youtube on September 20th. Does newgrounds have room for an old fashioned tweeny video game parody? Of course it does! XD - they don't make 'em like they used to! I'm trying my best to improve my self taught animations, so I hope that this is better than Eggs and Bacon, which was honestly a rushed short.

Well anyway thanks for reading my silly update, here's a screenshot of the flash (still work to do, gotta get to it!)

-Brian "Wronchi"

The SC2 Reporter: Zerg


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2011-09-12 22:56:08

how did you get day9 to do star in this? does he have voice acting parts or are you just animating him?

Wronchi responds:

He has several voice roles. I asked nicely :3 I'm very thankful he took the time.


2011-09-12 22:56:22

to star in this*


2011-09-13 12:19:44

haha that's pretty badass man good luck


2011-09-17 13:30:28

Wow man, that was great. A simple, classic, fun starcraft animation. The part with the hydralisk on the creep and the broodlings just exploding out of nowhere, just like in the game, were awesome. I know it may be annoying to ask, because you just finished this, and it probably took you long to make, but...when are the Protoss and Terran flashes coming out? :)

Hope to see more from you in the future.

Wronchi responds:

Took me too long to make lol - but I want to make more! I think Protoss is up next, they weren't represented in this one :P


2011-09-17 14:24:41

Great job, I enjoyed it.
Can we have protoss for the next one?

Wronchi responds:

Thank you very much!

And... yes!


2011-09-19 16:08:25

I love you.


2011-09-19 16:41:27

Where's the goddamn Zergling?!


2011-09-19 18:04:22

It's great to see your work again! I remember watching the first SC Reporter episode numerous times back in 2006. Awesome job on this new installment!


2013-05-12 02:24:05

why u no submit your youtube videos here too?